Manufacturing process of bearing steel ball

- Sep 19, 2020-

First of all, the steel ball of the bearing is produced through a special steel ball rolling mill, mainly through the following processes:

1. Preform making: Various spherical blanks are produced by various technological methods.

2. Coarse grinding: Put the spherical blank into the two concentric ring-shaped grinding discs of the same size and the cross section of triangular grinding grooves that match the blank size, add oil and rough abrasive; The grinding disc does not move. The above ball grinding machine is called a coarse grinding machine. According to needs, there can be multiple rough grinding.

3. Cleaning: After each rough grinding is completed, the oil and rough abrasive residues sticking to the surface of the ball should be washed.

4. Fine grinding: Put the rough-grinded blank into the fine grinder; add low-viscosity oil and fine abrasive, and grind to standard size;

5. Polishing: The process is similar to rough grinding and fine grinding.

Then after heat treatment, some have shot peening, and some do not.

The last process is polishing. Generally, a combination of derivation and polishing liquid is used, so that the steel ball of the bearing is manufactured.