Main application and hardness index of high precision bearing steel ball

- Dec 11, 2018-

High precision bearing steel ball is widely used and can be used as a high-speed running bearing. It is a low-noise bearing and can also be used for high-precision instruments. It is a steel ball for general industrial and machine tools, automobiles, motorcycles, and textile machinery. It is used in the production of Jacks and Liquids, gas ball valves, hydraulic equipment, and other manufacturing equipment.

For high precision bearing steel ball, hardness is one of its performance indicators, which can mainly measure whether the bearing steel ball meets the standard. The hardness directly determines the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the steel ball. Bearing steel ball hardness mainly measures the ability of the ball to resist hard object intrusion. It is generally measured by Rockwell hardness (HRC) value. In a certain interval, the larger the value, the higher the surface hardness of the steel ball, its wear resistance and resistance. The stronger the fatigue ability.

Due to the good wear resistance, high precision bearing steel balls are widely used for assembling bearings. Currently, the surface hardness of each high-precision bearing steel ball is specified in the industry standard. On this basis, large professional bearing manufacturers are different according to product use. Size steel balls, as well as hardness values of different depths of steel balls of the same size, have more detailed customization requirements.