Internal stress and surface properties of 52100 chrome steel balls

- Apr 20, 2019-

The internal stress of the 52100 chrome steel ball refers to the stress that remains in the interior of the chrome steel material when the external force is removed, and continues to maintain the material itself. The internal stress of chrome steel is generated during the processing of 52100 chrome steel ball, which is deformed by the external hand, and tries to restore the object from the deformed position to the pre-deformation, keeping the steel ball without rounding deformation.


However, if there is internal stress inside the 52100 chrome steel ball, the surface of the high chrome steel will be easily broken during long-term grinding. Because of the interaction between the internal stress of chrome steel and the external force, the surface of the steel ball is easily brittle, and the steel ball is broken during the grinding and polishing process. Therefore, the internal stress of chrome steel should be released.


There are many ways to eliminate the internal stress of chrome steel. It is possible to heat treat the metal workpiece, strengthen the metal workpiece, or eliminate the internal stress by tapping. In addition to the internal stress, the surface properties of the 52100 chrome steel ball will directly affect the service life. In order to improve the contact fatigue strength and surface quality of the steel ball, the application of the surface modification technology is the surface strengthening treatment of the steel ball.


Surface properties of 52100 chrome steel ball Some surface properties of the material include electroless plating, electroplating, composite plating, brush plating and amorphization; laser surface treatment, electron beam surface modification treatment and example injection technology; Chemical vapor deposition; chemical heat treatment such as nitriding and carbonitriding; surface quenching; cold work hardening and other processes.