Installation of precision bearing ball and pretreatment before quenching and heating

- Aug 04, 2018-

In modern life and work, bearings are a very common thing, from toys to industrial machines. Since there are bearings, then there must be precision bearing balls, so how do the precision bearing balls in the bearings fit in?


In the case of deep groove ball bearings, a good deep groove ball bearing consists of five major components: the ball, the inner ring, the outer ring, the retainer and the retaining ring. Since the center of the outer ring and inner ring is a closed space for the movement of the steel ball formed by the groove and the raceway, the precision bearing ball will maintain stable operation.


At the time of installation, the inner and outer rings are prepared, and the inner ring is placed on one side; then the precision bearing ball is placed; then the ball is divided, and the ball is evenly separated by the ball splitter with small claws; then the holder is placed and the two are placed The piece adheres to the riveting; a precision bearing ball is successfully loaded into the bearing after the above steps are completed.


In addition to understanding the installation of precision bearing balls, it is necessary to master the heat treatment process. In order to shorten the quenching heating time of the precision bearing ball, reduce the deformation cracking, and also to reduce the tendency of overheating and decarburization, it is necessary to preheat before heating. .


The preheating of the dense bearing ball is preheated in a salt bath furnace. The temperature is about 600 °C, and the preheating is 8-10 minutes. If the box type electric furnace is used for preheating, the temperature is longer at 530-550 °C. The determination of the heating time is not exactly the same.