Improvement measures for heat treatment process of stainless steel bearing ball

- Aug 30, 2018-

When the stainless steel bearing ball is heat treated, the quenching water temperature of the stainless steel bearing ball should be appropriately reduced, and the water temperature should be increased to make the quenching stress of the workpiece significantly reduced and moderated. At the same time, the forging ratio is increased, and the forging process control is strictly controlled to prevent the core structure from being coarse after forging.


Secondly, before the quenching of the stainless steel bearing ball, the spheroidizing annealing is added to refine the structure, so that the workpiece is quenched and then has fine needle-shaped martensite to prevent coarse structure after quenching; and after quenching, tempering is timely, quenching stress is eliminated, and the structure is stabilized. Further remove the hidden danger of the workpiece from cracking.


Due to the post-forging residual heat quenching, the stainless steel bearing ball is not subjected to spheroidizing annealing treatment, so the crystal grains are coarse and there is band structure; at the same time, the carbon content in the quenched martensite is high, and the water inlet temperature in the quenching after forging is high, so that The quenching stress of the steel ball increases. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the heating time or temperature of the stainless steel bearing ball forging.