Importance of bicycle bearing steel ball and its purchase instructions

- Jun 13, 2018-

Bicycle bearing steel ball can not be replaced with steel ball, because the entire structure of steel ball and steel ball is not the same, and they are not the same in the use of performance.


Bicycle bearing steel balls are an important part of a bicycle. In the use of bicycle bearing steel balls, daily maintenance lubrication should be done to ensure the service life of the components. Optional grease for lubrication. However, the amount of lubrication should not be so great as to avoid problems with over-lubrication.


The material of steel balls used in bicycles was formerly carbon steel, because of the low hardness and quality requirements. However, with the continuous improvement of the hardness and quality requirements of steel balls, carbon steel is no longer a material. Satisfy the use of requirements, so use the steel bearing steel to meet the requirements and extend the life of the ball.