How to solve the ratio of steel ball in slag ball mill

- Oct 26, 2017-

1, different steel slag ball mill model of its final assembly ball. For example, wet ball mill (processing capacity of 100-150 tons) The maximum load of 9.5-10 tons.

2. The first time to add steel ball (Ø120㎜ and Ø100㎜) accounted for 30%-40%, the medium ball 80㎜ accounted for 40%-30%, small balls (ø60 and Ø40㎜) accounted for 30%.

3, why in the steel Slag ball mill running-in Process only adds 80%, because the Slag ball mill installs, the ball mill size tooth needs to mesh, the processing quantity (ore quantity) also to gradually enlarge, to wait for the ball mill normal continuous operation two or three days, stops the ball mill inspection size gear meshing situation, treats all normal, Open ball Mill man manhole Add the remaining 20% steel balls for the second time.