How to judge the wear resistance of bicycle bearing ball

- Apr 03, 2019-

One of the important attributes of bicycle bearing balls is wear resistance. In the industry, it is often used to determine wear resistance. The first one is hard. The hardness of the bicycle bearing ball can be measured by professional instruments. The hardness of the bicycle bearing ball measured by the instrument can reach the index of 58, but the product index with poor wear resistance can only reach 45 or even more. less.


The second method is the rupture rate, which is to drop the bicycle bearing ball from a height to see the extent of the steel ball damage. Of course, this method will cause irreparable damage to the steel ball, so this method is not recommended. The third method is the weighing method. This method is the most accurate. The weight of the steel ball is recorded before use. After the steel ball is used for a period of time, the weight of the steel ball is called, so that the steel ball is lost.


The bicycle bearing ball is a kind of small steel ball, which is also commonly used in daily life, and is used in many daily necessities. Such bicycle bearing ball has good anti-rust performance. It can not be replaced by 201 or 420, 440, etc. These balls are more environmentally friendly, and some of them are up to food grade, so they will not cause secondary pollution to the materials.