How is the practical application of GCr10 stainless steel ball?

- Jan 03, 2018-

Overall, GCr10 stainless steel ball has a good anti-corrosion performance, which is widely used in the market, by many users of all ages. So far,  GCr10 stainless steel ball has been widely used in automotive parts, aerospace, aerospace, hardware and chemical and other fields.


For example, people can use the GCr10 stainless steel ball in the processing of various arts and crafts, or in the manufacture of products such as sprayers, valves, bearings, pulleys, medical instruments, posts and appliances. Its specifications are also different according to the use of the occasion, the main specifications ranging from 0.5 mm to 100 mm. Its main feature is resistance to chemical substances to a certain extent, such as acids, alkalis, salts and other corrosion.


GCr10 stainless steel ball reason for the performance advantage, mainly due to its own material. The so-called GCr10 stainless steel, not not rust, but not easy to rust. This is mainly due to the internal addition of a certain amount of chromium, it can form a dense layer of chromium oxide on the steel surface. This will not only be able to effectively prevent the steel and air re-contact, but also greatly improved its passivation performance.


In short, GCr10 stainless steel ball in the long process, under normal circumstances, users do not need to worry about rust problems, which can maintain a long time with good performance. However, in the actual processing of the process, the need to pay attention to control the relevant factors which in order to ensure the quality of product processing.


In summary, in practical applications, GCr10 stainless steel ball with its own special properties gradually won a broader application of space. I believe in the future development, GCr10 stainless steel ball still be able to play its own role and value.