How is the bearing steel ball put in?

- Oct 21, 2019-

Rolling bearings are generally composed of ferrules (inner ring, outer ring), balls, seals and cages.


In the bearing industry, this process of placing steel balls in the middle of the inner and outer rings is called "assembly" or "assembly." The process is as follows:


A. Prepare the inner and outer rings, and place the inner ring on one side.

B, put the steel ball

C. Split the ball and evenly divide the steel ball with a ball splitter with small claws.

D. Place the cage and rive the two pieces of cage.


In addition, there are still full installations in the actual production, generally with a ball gap, used less, you can see that there is a ball gap on one side, the steel ball is filled in from the gap, but this bearing bears The axial load capacity is relatively small and used less.