How do the diameters of precision bearing steel balls be the same

- Jun 07, 2019-

Precision bearing steel balls are workpieces that are machined into a spherical shape using steel wire. Diameter is one of the application parameters of a steel ball. To control the diameter of a precision bearing steel ball, first of all, the cooling step needs to be adjusted to control the size. The diameter of each cut or the ball needs to be basically the same.


However, in the flow step of the precision bearing steel ball after the cold rolling, such as light grinding, hard grinding, etc., since not every ball receives the same rotation and the same rotation force, the steel ball will have various types in each step of the flow. The problem arises. Surface scratches, inconsistent sizes, etc. Therefore, the selection of steel balls is an important part.


The precision bearing steel ball is sorted after each process, and the unqualified ball is screened out to ensure the uniform size of the stainless steel ball. The diameter of the precision bearing steel ball is tightly controlled and cannot be separated from the role of the steel ball sorting machine. The precision is controlled below 0.001mm, and the ball in the steel ball can be selected to ensure the quality of the finished steel