Heat treatment of GCr15 stainless steel balls and attention to detail

- Jun 22, 2019-

The purpose of the heat treatment of the GCr15 stainless steel balls is to remove the magnetic force, because the steel ball will produce working magnetic force during the process of cold rolling or grinding, and the metallographic structure will also be slowly transformed from austenite to martensite, and the corrosion resistance will also be It is deteriorated, so the heat treatment can remove the magnetic properties on the one hand, and can also be converted into the original austenite on the other hand. The correct heat treatment method, the temperature of the electric furnace rises to 850 degrees, and the stainless steel ball is usually insulated for 1-2 hours. Then pour it into cold water and cool it quickly, which usually removes the magnetism.

The purpose of heat treatment of GCr15 stainless steel balls is to improve the hardness, thereby enhancing the wear resistance of stainless steel balls and prolonging the life of the workpiece. These stainless steel balls are high carbon and high chromium. These two elements are a contradiction due to carbon content. And the chromium content is too high, so it is easy to cause uneven distribution of chromium, which affects the anti-rust performance of stainless steel.

The GCr15 stainless steel balls production process requires attention to detail. The details of the process management will have a very significant impact on the quality of the steel ball. Therefore, in the steel ball production process, the time control of the process, the feed rate control of the abrasive slurry, and the details of the in and out of the ball should be paid attention to. The more attention is paid to the details of the steel ball process tooling, the less chance of the problem steel ball, and the quality of the finished steel ball is greatly improved.www.wxjnsteelball.com