GCr15 stainless steel sphere process and constituent elements

- Mar 15, 2018-

The GCr15 stainless steel ball is made of GCr15 material.


1.GCr15 stainless steel ball material properties

GCr15 stainless steel ball material is relatively low in alloy content. After quenching and low temperature tempering, it has higher hardness, better wear resistance and contact fatigue, and can obtain uniform structure. Moreover, in addition to stainless steel spheres, GCr15 stainless steel can also be used in ball screws of machine tools, as well as jets, plungers, valves, and bushings of engines.


However, the cutting and welding performance of this steel is not very good, and it is relatively sensitive to the formation of white spots. Therefore, it has certain temper brittleness.


2.GCr15 stainless steel ball production process


Stainless steel sphere refers to a sphere obtained by stainless steel and forging production process. Stainless steel refers to a type of steel that contains more than 12.5% of chromium in its constituent components and is resistant to certain chemical corrosion. Chemical etching mainly refers to the corrosion of acids, alkalis, and salts.


The production process of GCr15 stainless steel ball is as follows: Ball blank forming--out loop belt--grinding--soft grinding--heat treatment--bulb forming--light ball-hard grinding--fine grinding--finishing or polishing--super-finishing.


3.GCr15 stainless steel sphere chemical composition

There are many chemical compositions of GCr15 stainless steel spheres, including C, Mn, Si, S, P, Cr, Mo, Ni, Cu, and Ni+Cu. The content of each element is different and has a corresponding upper limit value.