GCr15 stainless steel ball is popular

- Jun 27, 2018-

GCr15 stainless steel balls are magnetic and belong to ferritic steel. Currently, they are mainly used in high speed and low noise bearings, bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, slides, universal ball, luggage, electronic industry and other fields. They can also be used to grind other media.  Usually GCr15 stainless steel balls are oily, HRC60-66.


GCr15 stainless steel ball is often subjected to great pressure and friction in the application, and therefore has higher requirements for its own hardness and wear resistance. It also requires a high elastic limit. At the same time, when selecting materials, the uniformity of the chemical composition of the steel, the content and distribution of non-metallic inclusions, and the distribution of carbides are all very strict.


This is because the material composition and composition will have a certain influence on the performance of the GCr15 stainless steel ball. In comparison, the material itself has obvious advantages. After the heat treatment, the microstructure is relatively uniform and stable, and the hardness is high and uniform, and the wear resistance is good. Therefore, with these advantages, the GCr15 stainless steel ball is very popular among users in the industrial field.