GCr15 stainless steel ball has good resilience

- May 29, 2019-

GCr15 stainless steel ball is a commonly used metal workpiece processing material. The steel pellets have a well-organized and average particle size. The surface of the metal workpiece treated with steel shots may increase the surface pressure of the metal workpiece, which may increase the resistance of the workpiece. Fatigue strength.


The use of steel shots to treat metal workpiece surfaces has a fast finishing speed. GCr15 stainless steel balls have good resilience. The internal corners and complex forms of the workpieces can be quickly and evenly finished, reducing the surface treatment time and increasing work efficiency. A good surface treatment raw material.


The GCr15 stainless steel ball is made of high-quality steel scrap, which is first melted, and then the molten steel is made into a small spherical shape by high-pressure water radiation. The resulting pellets are heated again to purify the homogenate and then subjected to a quenching treatment. The quenched pellets are dried in a furnace and heated back from the head to reach the appropriate hardness. The tempered steel pellets are sorted into 11 grades in accordance with SAE guidelines for use in shot blasting equipment through mechanical screens. Products of varying particle size and hardness are used in different processes, such as surface strengthening.


In the case of GCr15 stainless steel ball before descaling and descaling, centrifugal blasting equipment is usually used in this case. The form of the ball and the low hardness will cause the steel shot to not cause excessive wear on the equipment. GCr15 stainless steel balls are also used in the forging industry. After the workpiece is pulled out of the model, the steel shot is used to eliminate the sand on the surface of the workpiece. When the steel shot is used with the right equipment, it is definitely a good abrasive for your surface finishing because it is durable.www.wxjnsteelball.com