Gcr15 bearing steel solid steel ball reference standard and mechanical properties

- Jun 09, 2018-

Gcr15 bearing steel solid steel ball, this kind of steel ball uses Gcr15 bearing steel material, GCr15 steel is a kind of high carbon chromium bearing steel, with good overall performance. Moreover, after quenching and tempering, the hardness is high and uniform, and it has a very good performance in terms of wear resistance and fatigue strength. In addition, this material has good thermal processing properties. Therefore, based on its advantages, this steel can be used on steel balls to make steel balls have good performance and use effects.



Gcr15 bearing steel solid steel ball has different standards in different areas, in the domestic reference GB/T 18254-2002 this standard, while Japan and the United States, respectively, refer to JIS G4805-2008 and ASTM A295/A295M-2014.


Mechanical Properties of Gcr15 Bearing Steel Solid Steel Balls


Quenching temperature: The quenching heating temperature of the bearing steel is 830°C-860°C. The cooling method using oil cooling is more. The suitable quenching heating temperature is 840°C, and the quenched steel ball hardness can reach 63- 65HRC.


Tempering temperature: its tempering temperature is inversely proportional to tempering hardness. Tempering tempera- ture increases when tempering temperature increases. Therefore, it is generally required that the tempering temperature of Gcr15 bearing steel solid steel ball should not exceed 200°C at 160°C. - The temperature range of 180°C is better, and it can also ensure good tempering effect to ensure the quality of the ball and its performance.