G1000 Gcr15 Bearing Ball material and Features

- Jun 05, 2018-

The G1000 Gcr15 bearing steel ball is a bearing steel ball, G1000 Gcr15 bearing steel ball, G1000 is the ball diameter variation of the bearing steel ball, and Gcr15 is the steel number used by the steel ball. The former is a steel ball parameter, and the latter is a steel ball material. It is two different concepts.


The G1000 in the G1000 Gcr15 bearing ball indicates that the bearing ball has a 0.25mm ball diameter variation and is a low grade steel ball. Moreover, it is also related to the precision grade of the steel ball. The smaller the number behind the letter, the higher the ball grade and the better the quality of the steel ball.


The density of G1000 Gcr15 bearing steel ball, according to professional and technical personnel, is 7.81g/cm3 or 7810Kg/m3.


GCr15 is a high-chromium bearing steel with low non-alloy content and good performance. The advantages are good hardenability, high hardness and good wear resistance and contact fatigue. In addition, there is a better performance in terms of dimensional stability. In addition to steel balls, this steel type can also be used in ball screws of machine tools, as well as nozzle nozzles, plungers, valves and bushings.