G1000 Bearing Steel Ball Reference Standard and Bearing Steel Type

- Jun 01, 2018-

G1000 bearing steel ball is a specific type and specification of bearing steel ball. G1000 refers to the ball diameter variation parameter of the ball, and it also relates to the steel ball rating. Because, the number behind the capital letter G is related to the grade and quality of the ball. In addition, the bearing steel ball in addition to G1000, there are G10, G16, G20, G30, G100, etc., its grade is represented by G + number, the smaller the number, the higher the ball grade, the better the quality of the ball.


G1000 bearing steel ball bearing steel this material, which is a reference standard, is GB/T18254-2003 "high carbon chromium bearing steel" and GB/T3203-1982 "carburizing bearing steel" two, in addition , There are metal materials, performance, use, and Chinese and foreign brands of speed-use manuals.


Bearing steel can be divided into four categories: high carbon chromium bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, high carbon chromium stainless bearing steel and high temperature bearing steel. High-carbon chromium bearing steel, said to increase the letter G at the head of the brand, but does not indicate the carbon content. The carburized bearing steel is the grade designation of the alloy structural steel. If it is a high-quality carburizing bearing steel, it should be added with a capital letter A at the tail. Therefore, different types of bearing steels are different in terms of representation. G1000 bearing steel balls cannot be seen from the name of which type of bearing steel is used.