Four common stainless steel ball application and performance characteristics

- Dec 09, 2017-

The basic understanding of stainless steel balls, is to use stainless steel forging of this material to get a ball, because the use of stainless steel is the material, so it will be called stainless steel ball. And, in its grade, there are some more common and commonly used, is 201,302,304,316,316 L, 420 and 440C these seven.


1.440C stainless steel ball

This stainless steel grade stainless steel ball, it is mainly used in bearings, stamping parts, hydraulic parts, valves, mechanical parts, and crafts and toys. Its advantages are that it has good magnetic, corrosion and abrasion resistance and good toughness. In the hardness, can reach 56-58.

440C stainless steel ball, which compared with the 440 stainless steel ball, then it is in the anti-corrosion rust and wear resistance, is increased, and, in terms of hardness is enhanced.


2.420 stainless steel ball

It uses the 420 stainless steel grades, therefore, the hardness is 51-52 degrees, there is a certain magnetic, and, there is a certain degree of corrosion resistance, in terms of toughness, there is also a good performance.

420 stainless steel ball, which is mainly used in various types of machinery, bearings, electrical equipment, household appliances, etc. above. In addition, some require corrosion-resistant parts, but also can be used.


3.304 stainless steel ball

It is widely used in a variety of steel balls, in the application of the industry is very large, such as medical equipment, chemicals, aerospace, hardware, medicine, auto parts and equipment, which are generally non-magnetic and have Excellent rust and corrosion resistance. However, it will be magnetized after passing through the photo sphere.

In addition, if the 304HC stainless steel grades are used, they are easier to machine than 304 stainless steel balls. The 304L, the rust and corrosion performance, there will be greatly improved, and good polishing performance and easy welding, therefore, in the surface of the higher requirements of the industry to use, is very suitable.


4.316 stainless steel ball

This kind of stainless steel ball, the requirement is relatively high, therefore, mainly used in some special industries, such as medical equipment, chemical industry, aerospace, and some other industries. Because it is austenitic steel, so apply to the anti-corrosion performance requirements of the occasion or industry, and its performance is better than 304 stainless steel. In addition, its hardness is not greater than 26 degrees, after degaussing, there will be no magnetic.