Forging and spin forming of hardened stainless steel balls

- Jun 12, 2019-

The hardened stainless steel ball is formed by two methods, one is forging forming method, and it has two processing methods: one is to cut and heat into a spherical solid blank by round steel cutting, and then mechanically process. The second is to mold a stainless steel plate that has been rounded into a circular shape on a large press to obtain a hollow semi-spherical blank, which is then machined into a spherical blank. The material utilization rate is high, but a high power is required. Presses and furnaces and argon-free welding equipment.


The other is a spinning forming method of hardened stainless steel balls, which combines the characteristics of forging, extrusion, rolling and rolling, has high material utilization rate, saves a lot of processing time, and can double the material strength after spinning. . Due to the small area contact between the rotating wheel and the workpiece during spinning, the metal material is in a two- or three-direction compressive stress state and is easily deformed. Under a small power, a high unit contact stress can be obtained, and therefore, the weight of the device Light and low total power required, it is now recognized as an energy-saving ball processing solution, as well as for machining other hollow rotor parts.


Spinning technology has been widely used and developed at high speed. The process and equipment are very mature and stable, and realize automatic control of machine, electricity and liquid integration. At present, the spinning technology has also been greatly developed in China, and has entered the stage of promotion and