Five factors of improving production efficiency of energy-saving ball mill

- Oct 26, 2017-

⒈ deceleration device-to improve the speed of the ball mill efficiency of the law, fast speed, natural high efficiency. Therefore, the appropriate improvement of the deceleration device can also play a certain effect, the unit time output has increased. A conditional concentrator can also choose to install inverter to adjust the speed to achieve satisfactory results.

⒉ addition of water--the water in the ore has a certain effect on the efficiency of ball mill. Therefore, appropriate to the grinding cavity of the ore in the increase in water can also play to increase the efficiency of ball mill effectiveness.

The lining plate of the ⒊ ball Mill-the mill liner is mainly used to protect the cylinder body and avoid the direct impact and friction of the grinding body and material on the cylinder body. The different type of lining plate can adjust the movement state of the grinding body in each storehouse, in order to achieve the best effect.

⒋ current--for the ball mill, the increase of current is to improve the speed, high speed, the efficiency of the ball mill Natural also high, according to the number of tons of abrasive load to determine how much high-power motor. But here need to note that the increase in the current must be in the ball Mill's rated power range, can not exceed the maximum load, such as the current too large will burn the mill, the loss is big.

⒌ Grinding Ball-it is important to note that the ball diameter is matched. In order to make the ball diameter of the stone big and small, so that the size of the grinding chamber of the ore in the full grinding, which can also improve the efficiency of the ball mill.