Development trend of steel ball production line

- Oct 26, 2017-

First, wear-resistant industry will gradually move to the northwest, after the north-west wear-resistant industry advantage will be much better than the southeast and central;

Second, the wear-resistant industry from manual to mechanized operation, improve labor intensity and operating environment, stabilize product quality and increase productivity. This creates the opportunity for the cast-ball production line in the next 5 years. As wear-resistant industry, in this 5 years, I think it is the wear-resistant industry is very important for 5 years, it requires us to make good use of these 5 years of good times, Lay a good foundation, strengthen management, and continuously improve the quality of personnel, and steadily improve the scale of the enterprise, in order to prepare for the next step of the production line. Because of the success of the cast-ball production line, in addition to the requirements of the production line design reasonable, but also the quality of enterprise personnel has a larger scale. Otherwise the good production line will not be successful in your business to create benefits for you.