Development trend of bearing steel ball

- Oct 22, 2018-

With the rapid development of the bearing industry, bearing steel balls have also received more and more attention. For bearings, the quality of the steel is very important, and for bearing parts, this also applies. Bearing steel balls should have: high hardness, uniform hardness, high elastic limit, high contact fatigue strength and excellent corrosion resistance.


The rotation of the bearing is inseparable from the help of the bearing steel ball, and the steel ball is also widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, instrumentation and other fields. From a manufacturing perspective, this is a very mature industry, because it does not require too much technical background and too expensive equipment to produce, but the pursuit of high quality is a complex process.


Especially when entering the high-end bearing market, it is necessary to choose a high-tech bearing steel ball. At this time, there is an opportunity. At the same time, the bearing industry accelerates product and technical structure adjustment and optimization. Independent innovation has been pushed to the forefront. The steel ball industry supporting bearings must follow this trend and pursue technological progress and quality improvement. This is also an important trend for future development.