Design process and centrifugal effect of chrome steel 52100 bearing ball

- Apr 13, 2019-

In the process of designing the chrome steel 52100 bearing ball, the rolling bearing and the sliding bearing are often used in the operation. Compared with the sliding bearing, the rolling bearing has the following advantages.

1. The chrome steel 52100 bearing ball has a small friction coefficient of the rolling bearing under normal working conditions, and does not change with the change of the friction coefficient when it is used. It is stable during operation, and the starting and running torque is small, and the power is small. The loss is small and the efficiency is high.

2. The chrome steel 52100 bearing ball has a small radial clearance and can be eliminated by axial preloading, so the running accuracy is high.

3. The axial width of the rolling bearing is small, and some bearings are subjected to the combined radial and axial loads at the same time. The structure is compact and the combination is simple.

4. Rolling bearings are standardized components with high standardization and can be produced in batches, so the cost is low.


Matching of chrome steel 52100 bearing ball

For machine tool bearings, the inner ring is generally an interference fit and the outer ring is a clearance fit. The interference fit between the inner ring and the shaft changes the radial dimension, resulting in an increase in the preload.

Centrifugal effect of chrome steel 52100 bearing ball

When the bearing runs at high speed, the inner channel will expand due to the centrifugal effect, causing the bearing radial clearance to change and increase the preload.