Descaling method and performance index of precision steel ball

- May 14, 2019-

The roundness, precision and roughness of the precision steel ball are the main performance indicators for measuring the finished stainless steel ball produced by the steel ball factory. Precision steel ball roundness refers to the extent to which the cross section of a stainless steel ball is close to the theoretical circle. When a steel ball factory produces a stainless steel ball, the roundness of the stainless steel ball is measured by a roundness meter.

Descaling method for precision steel balls

Pickling is one of the ways to clean metal surfaces. Generally, the metal workpiece is immersed in a high-strength acidic aqueous solution such as sulfuric acid, and the oxide and rust on the surface of the metal workpiece are removed by strong corrosiveness, and the film is formed to play a cleaning and protecting effect. There are various pickling methods, such as immersion pickling, jet pickling, and acid rust removal.

Precision steel balls sometimes use a pickling process to clean the surface of the steel ball, and the method usually uses a dip pickling method. Due to oxidation, or a certain environmental medium, the surface of the steel ball is prone to rust. After the steel ball is pickled, the metal surface is passivated to form a protective film, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the steel ball. In addition, the acid-washed steel ball can effectively prevent hydrogen embrittlement on the surface of the steel ball due to the protection of the passivation.

Pickling not only improves corrosion resistance, but also cleans the surface of the steel ball, making the ball more