Composition design and development potential of precision bearing steel ball

- Oct 29, 2018-

Semi-solid forming of precision bearing steel balls has unconventional casting, which can be explained by non-simple die-casting. It is caused by the excellent performance of advanced technology like casting, forging, casting and forging. People's attention. Cast steel balls are easy to achieve the expansion advantages of low-investment large-scale production because of their simple, flexible and reliable production methods.


The precision bearing steel ball is mainly designed with various advanced techniques and alloy composition, and exerts its endless imagination to a certain extent, so that it can create one new and more advanced varieties, so that it can meet the competition needs. The sense of accomplishment brought by him is more understandable. Of course, the high cost performance and sustainable development potential of the casting ball makes it the main force in today's crushing industry, especially the cement crushing industry steel ball production method.


The following points should be considered when selecting the most suitable clearance for a precision bearing steel ball:

(1) The cooperation of the bearing with the shaft and the outer casing causes a change in the play.

(2) The change of the play is caused by the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings when the bearing is working.

(3) The material used for the shaft and the casing affects the change in bearing clearance due to the difference in expansion coefficient.