Classification of steel balls and different use environments

- Feb 01, 2021-

The classification of steel balls can be classified according to several aspects such as material, brand, size and purpose.

According to the grade classification, the grades of steel balls are as follows:

Stainless steel series are: SUS201/202, SUS304, SUS316/316L, SUS420, SUS440/SUS440C

Bearing steel: AISI52100

Carbon steel series are: AISI1010, AISI1085

According to the classification of steel ball diameter and size, it can be divided into miniature steel ball, general steel ball and large steel ball.

Miniature steel ball, diameter ≤3.175mm

General steel ball, the diameter ranges from 3.5mm-50.8mm

Large steel ball, diameter> 50.8mm

According to the classification of purposes, steel balls can be divided into: silent steel balls, bearing balls, special steel balls, etc.

According to material classification, steel balls can be divided into stainless steel balls, bearing steel balls and carbon steel balls.

The nickel content of stainless steel balls is higher than that of other materials, and it has a good anti-rust effect. In the salt spray test under normal conditions, the steel ball can last for 70 hours without rusting inside. This type of steel ball is suitable for use in working environments that require pH.

Bearing steel balls have good hardness, high chromium-containing chemical composition and good wear resistance. They are suitable for use in mechanical working environments such as bearings.

Carbon steel balls can be divided into high-carbon steel and low-carbon steel balls according to the level of carbon elements in the chemical composition. According to the conditions of heat treatment, carbon steel balls can be divided into hard balls and soft balls.