Chromium steel ball division standard introduction

- Dec 08, 2017-

Chromium steel ball is a ball, which is in the original composition of the steel ball, add a certain amount of chromium, resulting in a ball, so, it will be called chromium steel ball. And, through the different content of chromium metal, it can be divided into high chromium steel balls, medium chromium steel balls and low chromium steel balls . So below, to introduce its specific types, so that we can have a preliminary understanding.


1.High-chrome steel ball

Chromium steel balls in the high-chromium steel, which in the process, the use of intermediate frequency electric furnace, metal molds, and after melting or sand casting made. Its chromium content, is not less than 10%, carbon content is in the range of 1.8% -3.2%. In addition, the hardness of this kind of steel ball, there is a certain requirement, it must be above 58 degrees. Therefore, heat treatment should be quenched.

High chrome steel ball, its application, mainly in the metallurgical mining, cement building materials, thermal power generation and chemical and other industries, in addition, can also be used in aerated concrete, magnetic materials, coal water slurry, quartz sand and slag, etc. Material.

High-chromium steel ball is based on the ball, adding an appropriate amount of chromium and manganese and other metal elements, and the use of non-water resin sand shape and oil quenching heat treatment of these processes, to get the finished product. And, in the product performance, is also very good.


2. medium chromium steel ball

How can I call it medium chromium steel ball? The answer is:medium chromium steel balls with a chromium content of 3% to 7% and a carbon content of 1.8% to 3.2% and a hardness above 47 are called medium chromium steel balls. The manufacturing process, should be high-temperature tempering, so you can eliminate casting stress.

Want to determine whether the chromium steel ball tempering after high temperature, is actually very simple, as long as the surface color can be seen. If the surface is dark red, then the description has been carried out; if it is still metallic, then there is no.


3. Low-chromium steel ball

Low-chromium steel ball mill ball mill is a very important body, therefore, can be called abrasive ball. In addition, it is one of the chrome steel balls. Its chromium content, is less than 3%, carbon content is 1.8% -3.2%, while in hardness, is to reach more than 45. If its hardness is less than 40, the product quality is not standard, can not be used. In addition, in the application, this kind of chromium steel ball, is also very extensive.