Chromium-plated bearing steel ball chrome plating process and how to avoid cracks

- May 30, 2018-

Chrome-plated bearing steel balls are chrome-plated on the surface of the bearing steel balls. Below, specific and in-depth explanation of the chrome-plated bearing steel ball, from its different aspects, in order to use this type of steel ball has a good use of effects and economic benefits.


1. Which bearing steel balls can be chrome plated on the surface?

In general, if the bearing steel ball is Gcr15 bearing steel, the surface can be chrome plated. Moreover, the finished products obtained after the chrome plating process will be improved in surface properties, and can be used in electronic machinery, power tools and sports equipment to ensure that these devices or components have good use effects.


2. Chrome plating process in chrome-plated bearing steel balls


(1) The thickness of the plating layer formed on the surface of the steel ball is uniform without any defect. Moreover, the chrome plating operation is easy, and nickel, copper and other metal materials can be saved.

(2) The coating has good brightness and can achieve the effect of mirror light. And, the process is simple and easy to grasp.

(3) In the chrome plating process, the deposition rate of the coating is fast and can reach 15 micrometers/hour.

(3) The rate of finished products is high. Under normal circumstances, it will not be lower than 98%. If it goes smoothly, it can reach 100%.


The chrome-plated bearing steel ball chrome plating process, which will use the equipment, plating tank, rectifier, tooling and anode and so on. And the total investment in these installations is not very high. Therefore, all kinds of large, medium and small enterprises are suitable.


Chrome-plated bearing steel balls may crack during the manufacturing process and during use, especially in the manufacture of steel balls. Therefore, if you want to avoid this problem, you must correctly and standardize the manufacture of steel balls, and strictly prohibit improper or illegal operations. In addition, the use of chrome-plated bearing steel balls must be rationalized.


The chrome plating of the chrome-plated bearing steel ball belongs to the rust prevention treatment of the steel ball. Moreover, in addition to chrome plating, phosphating, blackening, and nickel plating are also applied to the rust prevention treatment on the surface of steel balls, which also achieves the purpose of rust prevention.