Characteristics of GCr15 bearing steel ball at high temperature and its treatment process

- May 31, 2019-

GCr15 bearing steel ball is one of the main components of bearings, etc. It can be operated without decoupling or brittle under high temperature, and its service life can be long under normal working conditions. GCr15 bearing steel ball will be heated and expanded after high temperature application. Usually, automatic tensioning and adjusting device is designed in the transmission structure to ensure product quality. Widely used bearing steel beads in high-speed low-noise bearings, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, rails, universal ball, luggage, electronics industry, can also be used to grind other media.


The hardness of GCr15 bearing steel ball reaches 62-65 degrees of HRC, and the data has good wear resistance. After cold working into steel ball, the precision can reach one tenth of a millimeter and the surface is mirror-like. The color is chrome, but it cannot be soldered. The product standard is Φ0.5mm~Φ250mm.


GCr15 bearing steel ball preheating before quenching heating, the purpose is to reduce quenching heating time, reduce deformation and cracking, but also reduce the bias of overheating and decarburization, preheating in salt bath furnace, temperature is 600 °C control, preheating 8 -10 minutes, if the box type electric furnace is used for preheating, the temperature is controlled at 530-550 °C for a longer period of time.


Since the GCr15 bearing steel ball contains more alloying elements, it blocks the averaging of the components, and also prevents the deformation of the GCr15 bearing steel and also has a certain toughness and fatigue strength, so it is cooled by