Characteristics and manufacturing process of chrome steel 52100 bearing balls

- Apr 18, 2019-

Chromium steel 52100 bearing ball has excellent hardness and is an excellent wear-resistant material. It has a wide range of applications in bearings. The commonly used materials for chrome steel 52100 bearing ball are: low carbon alloy, high manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, high carbon high. Manganese alloy steel. High manganese steel has good toughness, good manufacturability and low price. Its main feature is that under the action of large impact or contact stress, the surface layer will rapidly produce work hardening, and its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials. The wear resistance has a greater improvement.


High-chromium cast iron is a wear-resistant material with excellent anti-wear properties, but it has low toughness, is prone to brittle fracture and is expensive. The high carbon high manganese alloy steel is mainly an alloy structural steel containing various elements such as chromium and molybdenum, and has high hardness and good toughness, and its matrix structure has martensite, bainite or bainite + martensite composite structure. The hardness of chrome steel 52100 bearing ball is about HRC60, and the impact toughness is ≥15J/CM2. Under the same working conditions, its service life is at least doubled than that of high manganese steel ball.


The quenching and tempering heat treatment of chrome steel 52100 bearing ball is the key. After quenching and tempering heat treatment, not only the overall toughness is required to reach 12 joules/cm2, but also the plasticity and wear resistance are required, but the general casting process can only reach 3-5 joules. The resulting crushing rate is high, so forgings are recommended when the working condition is high.


The manufacturing process of the chrome steel 52100 bearing ball is also a key factor in determining its service life. If there are defects in the surface or internal manufacturing of the bearing ball, such as shrinkage cavities, cracks, and through crystals, it will not only reduce the performance of the chrome steel 52100 bearing ball, but even cause the steel ball to break. Therefore, a reasonable forging, casting and heat treatment process is established in the chrome steel 52100 bearing ball.