Characteristics and application fields of GCr10 stainless steel ball

- Aug 06, 2018-

GCr10 stainless steel ball is mainly made by the process of drawing, cutting and rounding in the process of making. GCr10 stainless steel ball has bright appearance, no rust, round bead shape (cut pellet, cylindrical shape). Widely used in the surface spray processing of copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other workpieces, it has the matt effect on the processed workpiece, highlights the natural color of the metal, does not rust, etc., does not need to be pickled and rust-removed and the wear resistance is Casting steel shots 3-5 times, can reduce production costs.

Application field of GCr10 stainless steel ball

GCr10 stainless steel ball is a relatively high demand product, usually used in special industries such as medical equipment, chemical, aviation, aerospace: perfume bottles, sprayers, valves, nail polish, body accessories, mobile phone boards.

Characteristics of GCr10 stainless steel ball

Austenitic steel is the most high-grade steel ball industry in the industry, HRC ≤ 26, the most suitable for industries with high anti-corrosion requirements, all performance is better than 304 stainless steel balls.

GCr10 stainless steel balls have to go through a process and research in a certain degree. There are several indicators that must meet the requirements of lapping, such as surface roughness, geometric accuracy, dimensional deviation, surface quality and burns. The passivation of the steel ball, that is, the passivation of the metal, causes the surface state of the steel ball to change. The electrochemical behavior of the metal makes it a process of certain characteristics of precious metals. If the surface of the steel ball interacts with the medium, it becomes chemically passivated or self-passivated. If the passivation of the steel ball is caused by the electrochemical anodic polarization of the metal, it is called anode passivation.