Ceramic ball sampling principle and silicon carbide ceramic ball performance

- Nov 16, 2017-

The application of ceramic ball is very wide, under normal circumstances, the rolling contact and peel test and bearing tests have proved that the dense and homogeneous silicon nitride material has good anti-rolling contact fatigue properties, the ceramic ball bearings with ordinary bearings is difficult to compare The advantages.

Ceramic ball in use is due to the performance characteristics of the steel bearing its own material, the main form of bearing failure is fatigue spalling, the use of fatigue its life will be shortened, the application is greatly restricted. The ceramic material (si3N4) with low density, medium modulus of elasticity, thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness, high temperature, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and so on.

Silicon carbide ceramic ball performance

Silicon carbide ceramic ball in the course of its performance is very stable, the overall product is based on the best performance of silicon nitride. Compared with steel, the quality is lighter than steel, the coefficient of friction is small, the sports performance is good, the elastic modulus is 50% greater than that of steel, the thermal expansion coefficient is less than 25% of steel, high strength and hardness can be maintained before high temperature of 1000 ℃, Not rusty, non-magnetic, can work in oil-free conditions.

Ceramic ball sampling principle

Ceramic ball factory inspection before the factory must be done, under normal circumstances is based on the acceptance, mainly in the same raw materials, processes and equipment under the conditions of the current product specifications made of 50 tons as a group, less than 50 Tons also by a group of dollars. Each batch should be sampled in a representative, random manner.

Depending on the product's different specifications. According to the provisions of Table 5 to extract a different number of samples. The samples were mixed evenly, according to one-quarter method to extract one-fourth of the quality for the appearance and size inspection, and then take the appropriate number of physical and chemical performance test.