Ceramic ball classification and extension of life

- Dec 04, 2017-

Ceramic ball in the production process is mainly due to its high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance of the product, in the use of its small size, corrosion resistance, high temperature, no pollution and other excellent features has been widely used in different types of ceramics, glass, enamel chemical factory thick hard material processing and deep processing.


Ceramic balls in the production process according to its composition can be effectively divided into high-quality alumina, the use of the quality of the material being milled has no effect. Ceramic balls rolling and isostatic pressing, a large proportion, can greatly improve the grinding efficiency, reduce grinding time, save energy and reduce costs.


Ceramic ball wear is low, in the process of using can greatly extend the life of its grinding body, the product of high whiteness, the material will not be the color of the impact. At the same time effectively increase the effective volume of the ball mill, thereby increasing the amount of grinding material added.


Zirconia ceramic ball under normal circumstances at room temperature will have high strength and high toughness, when used in its good wear resistance, high stiffness, non-magnetic, high temperature corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, zirconia ceramic ball can be 600 ℃, the strength and hardness of almost the same density of 6.00g / cm3, the thermal expansion rate close to the expansion rate of the metal can be used with metal joints.


Silicon carbide ceramic ball product performance is very stable, in the process of using silicon nitride is the best overall performance. Compared with steel, the quality is lighter than steel, the coefficient of friction is small, the sports performance is good, the elastic modulus is 50% greater than that of steel, the thermal expansion coefficient is less than 25% of steel, high strength and hardness can be maintained before high temperature of 1000 ℃, Not rusty, non-magnetic, can work in oil-free conditions.