Carbon steel ball knowledge inventory

- Nov 21, 2017-

Carbon steel ball,  in terms of this point, we actually should pay attention to itself that is, Q235 raw material will be used for production and processing, in fact, it means low carbon steel ball, followed by In fact, we have to pay attention to that it is essentially based on its heat treatment is not divided into two.


In fact, a carbon steel ball is to be heat-treated, which means that the fire should be added, the surface hardness will reach HRC55-65, the other is to be careful not to heat treatment, which in fact will be called an iron ball. In the steel ball which is cheaper, at the same time, we actually want to pay attention to the scope of its use that is, it will be more extensive, the amount will appear to be relatively large. In this regard, it will benefit from the performance of raw materials, carbon steel.


When it comes to carbon steel carbon steel among them, we actually have to pay attention to what exactly carbon steel is? Carbon steel, in fact understood simply refers to the carbon steel, and in terms of its own terms, it refers to the carbon content of less than 1.35%, except for iron, carbon and within the limits of silicon, manganese , Phosphorus, sulfur and other impurities, excluding the other alloying elements of steel.


In terms of the performance of carbon steel, we should pay attention to its extent to a large extent, it will mainly depend on the carbon content. When it comes to the increase of carbon content, the strength of the steel and its hardness will increase, then we actually should pay attention to its plasticity or ductility and solderability will be reduced.


Finally, in fact, we should also note that in order to obtain a higher quality carbon steel ball, in terms of steel ball factory, it is actually in the production of steel ball in addition to stainless steel ball 3 prefix (304,316) And other materials do not need to go through heat treatment, such as bearing steel or stainless steel 440C, carbon steel balls are all required for heat treatment.