Bicycle steel ball craft

- Jan 31, 2018-

Speaking of bicycle steel ball technology, the first point to speak, pay attention to the first quenching and preheating before heating, including shortening the quenching heating time, reducing deformation cracking, while paying attention to reduce the tendency of overheating and decarbonization, these Process to ensure the smooth surface of bicycle steel ball performance, but also to ensure its quality.

Bicycle steel ball quenching heating process, will use salt bath furnace preheat, the temperature is maintained at about 600 ℃, preheating time is 8-10 minutes, if the use of box-type electric furnace preheating, the temperature must be at 530 -550 ℃ or so, time will be longer.

However, the bicycle steel ball in the processing time to determine the heating time, different manufacturers for the heating time to determine is not exactly the same, under normal circumstances, preheating the heating time is 10-15s / mm, box electric furnace 35-50s / mm. Without preheating salt stove 30-35s / mm, box-type electric furnace 90-100s / mm. These time to determine, when the workpiece must be strictly observed, otherwise it will affect the actual use of bicycle ball assembly.

Here to remind the majority of production and consumers, GCr15 bike ball should pay attention to after the warm-up in the salt furnace quenching time to go directly to consider the amount of time it will take 8 minutes loading time. This is a scientific value after practice.

Finally, on the bicycle ball handling technology, pay attention to quench cooling,GCr15 bicycle ball contains more alloying elements, hindering the composition of the uniform, at the same time, in order to prevent deformation of the bicycle ball case, pay attention to maintain a certain degree of toughness and related fatigue strength, this time To use oil-cooled way.