Bicycle ball making process

- Jun 22, 2018-

The steel balls for bicycles are actually processed by specialized ball mills and are manufactured through multiple processes. The first is to make embryos, that is, to use a variety of processes to produce a variety of spherical blanks. And then it is rough grinding, that is to put the blank of the steel balls for bicycle into the grinding disc matching the blank size, and the two upper and lower two concentric rings with the same size and the triangular grinding grooves with the same size, add the oil, Rough abrasives.


In the actual processing, according to the use requirements of the steel balls for bicycles, a rough grinding process may be adopted in many ways. The next step is cleaning, and each time rough grinding is completed, the oil and rough abrasive sticking to the surface of the ball must be washed.


After cleaning, it is necessary to further fine-grinding, that is, put the rough balls of bicycle balls into the fine grinding machine, add low-viscosity oil and fine abrasives, and grind them to the standard size. After polishing, the polishing process is similar to coarse grinding and fine grinding.


After the fine grinding is finished, the steel balls for bicycles need to be heat-treated again, and there are some other needs for shot peening. The last process is polishing, and most of them use a combination of a regrind and a polishing fluid so that bicycle balls are manufactured.