Bearing steel ball production process

- Jun 19, 2018-

Bearing steel ball is an important basic component, especially the precision industrial steel ball has played an important role in the industrial field. Under special conditions, bearing steel balls of special materials are often required to accomplish the functions required under different circumstances.


With the promotion and application of bearing steel ball products, it not only promotes the progress and development of steel ball production industry, but also provides favorable conditions for the technological development and technological progress of bearings and related industries.


Bearing steel ball production process can be summarized as: stamping, light grinding, quenching, hard grinding, appearance, lapping, cleaning, anti-rust, and finally the finished product packaging. The post-process of steel ball production mainly includes steel ball automatic cleaning, automatic appearance detection (automatic rejection of defective products), automatic rust prevention, counting and packaging.


These processes will have different degrees of influence on the quality of bearing steel balls. Therefore, the appearance of the bearing steel ball is an indispensable process in the processing of the steel ball. The appearance of steel balls mainly refers to the detection of surface scratches, rust, and surface spots.