Bearing steel ball production methods and sustainable development

- May 18, 2018-

The bearing steel ball adopts GCr15 material during the production process. After the annealing, it has good cutting performance, high hardness and uniformity after quenching and tempering, high wear resistance and contact fatigue strength, and good hot workability.

GCr steel is, to some extent, the most used and most productive material in high-carbon chromium bearing steels. The performance of the bearing steel ball is even better and can be directly used for its high-speed precision long-life bearing assembly. When used, it is very suitable for machine tool bearings, aerospace bearings, spindle bearings, high-speed rolling mill bearings.

The production methods of bearing steel ball can be divided into four major categories: rolling, semi-solid, forging and casting under normal circumstances during the production process. When used, due to the special conditions of use and the comprehensive environment and background of the beneficiation industry, forging and rolling balls occupy a considerable proportion in these industries. Semi-solid forming has unconventional casting and attracts people's attention due to its superior performance due to the combination of advanced technologies such as casting, forging, and forging.

Bearing steel balls are very flexible, simple, and reliable when used, and to some extent, they are easy to realize the advantages of low-cost large-scale production expansion. In particular, when experts and engineers face the use of various advanced technologies and alloy composition design in steelmaking furnaces, they will exert their endless imagination to create new and more advanced varieties one after another to meet the sense of achievement brought by competition needs. , more people can understand. The high price of the bearing steel ball and its potential for sustainable development can effectively become the main force in the current smashing industry, especially the cement smashing industrial steel ball production mode.

In the process of operation, the post-process of steel ball production, automatic ball cleaning, automatic appearance detection (automatic rejection of defective products), automatic rust prevention, and counting and packaging, are the key factors affecting the quality of steel balls. The appearance of steel balls is an indispensable process in the processing of steel balls. The appearance of steel balls mainly includes the detection of surface scratches, rust, and surface spots.