Bearing steel ball production details and metal passivation

- May 16, 2018-

In the process of using the bearing steel ball, the quality of the finished product and the production process of the steel ball have a great relationship to a certain extent. To some extent, the quality of the steel bearing steel ball in use and the quality of the finished product. And the production process of steel balls has a great deal of connection to a certain extent. To a certain extent, the quality of steel balls needs to be controlled. To a certain extent, it is necessary to understand the problems that need to be paid attention to in process technology.

Bearing steel ball production process to a certain extent requires attention to detail, in the process management details will have a great impact on the quality of the ball, so the bearing steel ball production process, the process of time control, in When running, the details of the feed rate control of the abrasive grinding liquid, as well as the entry and exit of the ball must be paid attention to. The more attention is paid to the details of the steel ball process tooling, the less the chance of a problematic steel ball, the better the quality of the finished steel ball.

To a certain extent, bearing steel balls need to consider the link of their steel ball materials. Before the steel balls begin to be cold-tipped, they must be tested and analyzed for raw materials to ensure that the steel balls can be made large-scale. Put into production. Again, in the process of steel ball cold heading, it needs to pay attention to the problem of ball embryo retention. If it is found that the steel balls remain large after cold heading, the displacement and grinding tools should be improved so as to improve the quality and processing efficiency of the cold heading balls.

Ball bearing steel ball to a certain extent requires effective attention is the ball of the finished product testing, effective after its strict control, processing and cleaning process, the ball will need to conduct its final comprehensive testing before packaging, If advanced steel ball testing instruments are used on the hardware, the truthfulness and accuracy of the ex-works report will be a guarantee for the quality of the ball.

The passivation of the steel ball of the bearing steel, to a certain extent, is also the passivation of the metal. During the operation, the metal telephone behavior directly caused by the change of the surface state of the steel ball makes it have certain characteristics of the precious metal. If the surface of the ball naturally interacts with the medium, it becomes chemically passivated or self-passivated. If the passivation of the steel ball is caused by the electrochemical anodic polarization of the metal, it is called anode passivation.