Bearing steel ball material-five advantages of bearing steel

- Apr 05, 2020-

With the needs of society, more and more materials used in bearings will use bearing steel, such as steel balls and steel rings. Nowadays, China has also made some breakthroughs in high-end bearing steel, being able to be self-sufficient and exportable, which is of some help to China's high-end bearing equipment.

Five advantages of our company's bearing material—bearing steel:

1. Contact fatigue strength

Under the effect of cyclic load, the linear bearing is prone to fatigue and damage, that is, cracking and flaking, which is an important situation of linear bearing damage. Therefore, in order to improve the service life of linear bearings, bearing steel must have a high contact fatigue strength.

2. Wear resistance

During the task of linear bearings, not only rolling friction but also sliding friction occurs between the ferrules, rolling elements and the cage, which causes the linear bearing parts to wear all the time. In order to increase the wear of linear bearing parts, maintain the accuracy and stability of linear bearings, and extend the service life, bearing steel should have good wear resistance.

3. Hardness

Hardness is one of the important qualities of linear bearings, and it has an indirect effect on contact fatigue strength, wear resistance, and elastic limit. The hardness of bearing steel under application conditions must reach HRC61 ~ 65 individually, which enables linear bearings to achieve higher contact fatigue strength and wear resistance.

4. Anti-rust performance

In order to avoid the erosion and rust of linear bearing parts and finished products in the process of processing, storage and use, it is requested that the bearing steel should have good anti-rust performance.

5. Processing performance

In the course of consumption, linear bearing parts have to go through many cold and hot processing procedures. In order to meet the requirements of small quantity, high efficiency and high quality, bearing steel should have good processing performance. For example, cold and hot forming performance, cutting performance, hardenability, etc.