Bearing steel ball material and production process technical requirements

- Apr 12, 2018-

Bearing steel ball material requirements


The quality of bearing steel ball steel is not only stricter in all alloy steels, but also the most tested steel grade. It is recognized by the world that the level of bearing steel balls is a symbol of a national metallurgical level. The bearing steel ball has high requirements for its materials, and must have high hardness, wear resistance, contact fatigue strength, elastic limit, good impact toughness, fracture toughness, dimensional stability, anti-rust performance, and hot and cold processing properties.


In order to ensure these performance requirements, the quality of the steel ball bearing must ensure its strict chemical composition and chemical composition uniformity, but also should pay attention to ensure particularly high purity, very low oxygen content and residual element content, strictly low Double organization and high power organization, strict carbide uniformity, strict surface decarburization layer and internal porosity, segregation, microscopic pores, etc., no cracks, slag inclusions, burrs, folds, scars, scales, shrinkage are allowed. Surface and internal defects such as holes, bubbles, white spots, and over-burning.


The technical requirements for bearing steel ball


One of the bearing steel ball process analysis refers to the preheating before quenching heating: the purpose is mainly to shorten the quenching heating time, reduce deformation cracking, but also can reduce the tendency of overheating and decarburization. This process uses salt bath furnace preheating, Temperature should be carefully implemented according to the relevant requirements.


The technical requirements for bearing steel ball should also pay attention to the determination of heating time. The determination of the heating time is not exactly the same for each plant, and the requirements for each device will generally appear different after a preheated heating time.


The technical requirements of the bearing steel ball also include quenching, because the bearing ball contains more alloying elements, which impedes the homogenization of the components when actually used, and also prevents the deformation of the GCr15 bearing steel and also has a certain toughness. Anti-fatigue strength, when the bearing steel ball is processed, it is also necessary to pay attention to cooling with oil cooling to ensure its processing quality.