Bearing steel ball hardness and demagnetization

- May 21, 2018-

The ball is the most important component of the bearing. During the operation, the quality of the bearing steel ball will directly affect the quality and service life of the bearing. Generally, there is no good steel ball. There will be high-life bearings, and the demand for high-grade ball equipment will also increase with the increase in bearing products.

The main purpose of the heat treatment of the bearing steel ball during its production is to remove the magnetic force. When the steel ball is used, the steel ball will generate magnetic activity during the process of cold heading or ball grinding. The metallographic structure of the entire product also consists of Austenite slowly transforms into martensite, and the corrosion resistance also deteriorates. Therefore, the magnetic properties can be removed on the one hand by heat treatment. On the other hand, it can be converted into the original austenite. The correct heat treatment method, the furnace temperature Raised to 850 degrees, the stainless steel ball is usually kept warm for 1-2 hours, then poured into cold water and quickly cooled, so that the magnetism is usually removed.

The heat treatment of the bearing steel ball can effectively improve the hardness of the product to a certain extent, so that it can effectively enhance the wear resistance of the stainless steel ball to a certain extent and prolong the life of the workpiece. Such stainless steel ball is high Carbon high chromium, these two elements is a pair of contradictory body, because the carbon content and chromium content is too high, it is easy to cause uneven distribution of chromium elements, thus affecting stainless steel rust resistance.

Bearing steel steel ball usually needs to do daily maintenance work in the process of use. Such maintenance needs perseverance. To a certain extent, its bearing bears the full load of the ball mill for the ball mill, and affects the bearing of the ball mill. The life and operating rate of the ball mill.

During the operation of the bearing steel ball, the oil temperature rises. To a certain extent, the oil temperature should be immediately stopped to check the cause, and then eliminated. Before starting the ball mill, the material in the cavity must be removed and the load should be started without load. Before using the ball mill, the customer of the ball mill should use the protective equipment on the V-belt according to the actual situation on the site.


The bearing steel ball cannot be repaired and cleaned during operation, and it is forbidden to start overhaul to a certain extent. Do not add more than the required size of stone. The purpose of the lubrication of the ball mill in refueling is to avoid dry grinding of the intermediate shaft and the sliding sleeve and to extend the life of the sliding sleeve.