Bearing steel ball casting requirements and appearance of the processing time

- Nov 30, 2017-

Bearing steel ball is a very important part of the equipment, but also an important part of the bearing, fine bearing steel ball in the public economy plays a huge role in the economy, the quality of bearing steel ball bearing directly affect the quality. The implementation of bearing steel ball not only promoted the development of the steel ball industry, but also promoted the development of skills and technology in relevant occupations.

Bearing steel ball is a commonly used metal workpiece processing materials, the arrangement of steel balls is very tight and uniform size, the use of steel balls to deal with the appearance of the metal parts can play the role of external pressure on the workpiece to enhance the work of the excellent resistance Fatigue.

The use of steel shot to deal with the appearance of metal parts with fast finishing features, bearing steel balls and grit have the appropriate hardness, with excellent rebound on the internal corner and the shape of the clutter of the workpiece can be even and agile finishing, shortening the appearance of treatment The time, improve work efficiency, is an excellent exterior processing materials.

Ball bearings are made of high-quality steel scrap, which is first melted and then sprayed with high-pressure water to make the molten steel form a small ball. The pellet body is heated again to purify the homogenization, and then quenched. The quenched pellets are dried in the furnace and tempered from the beginning to the right hardness. Not the same size and hardness of the goods used for different technologies, such as the appearance of strengthening.