Bearing ball processing process requirements

- Dec 06, 2017-

Bearing steel ball in the production process of its production process for the cold heading - light grinding - heat treatment - hard grinding - preliminary study - appearance - Lapping - final inspection and other processes, bearing steel ball surface waviness is to stimulate the vibration of the bearing The main factor, it has a great impact on the bearing medium and high frequency vibration.

The elastic flexural vibration of the bearing steel ball and the vibration of the steel body all decrease with the improvement of the waviness error of the bearing part working surface. The waviness of the ball surface has the most significant influence on the vibration of the bearing. When the groove surfaces of the inner and outer rings of the bearing and the surface of the steel ball have waviness, the bearing should produce the characteristic frequency vibration proportional to the value of the waviness.

Bearing steel ball in the process of rotation, due to the shape and movement of the parts are not the same, even if the waviness of the same circumferential frequency, bearing vibration caused by the frequency is not necessarily the same. Because there is a cage of the rotating frequency; inner and outer ring raceway surface waviness caused by the bearing vibration frequency; bearing parts, especially the different waviness of the surface of the steel ball will also cause different frequency vibration. The waviness on the rolling element surface of the bearing part not only affects the vibration intensity of the bearing, but also how much the wave number and waviness will affect the bearing vibration frequency.

Ball bearings after the production process

After the ball bearing steel ball production process that automatic cleaning, automatic appearance inspection, automatic rust-proof, counting packaging, are the key to the quality of the ball. Steel ball appearance inspection is an indispensable process in steel ball processing. Steel ball test mainly include surface scratches, rust, surface spots and other aspects of testing.