Bearing ball heating time and cooling process

- Nov 10, 2017-

Bearing ball is the ball bearing which is the most critical component, under normal circumstances the quality of the bearing ball will have a direct impact on the quality and life of the bearing, domestic steel ball production equipment supply customer base, in addition to the major domestic steel ball manufacturer , But also Japan, the United States, etc., for the world's inexplicable bearing company to provide ball products, so the demand for high-grade ball equipment will increase with the increase of bearing products.

Bearing ball quenching before the preheating, the main purpose of its operation is to shorten the quenching heating time, so that it will to some extent reduce the deformation cracking, the use can also reduce the tendency of overheating and decarbonization, the process Salt bath furnace preheating, the temperature is about 600 ℃, preheating 8-10 minutes, if using a box-type electric preheating, the temperature at 530-550 ℃ for longer.


Bearing ball heating time determine in the production process,in the process of its determination of the heating time is not exactly the same, under normal circumstances will be preheated heating time 10-15s / mm, electric furnace for the 35- 50s / mm. Without preheating salt stove 30-35s / mm, box-type electric furnace 90-100s / mm.

Bearing ball quenching process if the use of GCr15 material, GCr15 bearing balls contain more alloying elements, hinder the composition of the uniform, but also to prevent GCr15 bearing steel deformation and also have some toughness and fatigue strength, so Oil cold bearing steel ball heat treatment.

Bearing ball from the heat treatment process analysis, during the use of preheating forging after quenching, ball bearing ball is not ball annealing, so coarse grains, and the presence of banded structure; the same time, quenched martensitic carbon content High, forging quenching in the water temperature is high, the steel ball quenching stress increases.