Bearing ball clearance and choice of internal clearance and the provisions of numerical

- Nov 20, 2017-

Bearing ball in the course of the use of a ferrule relative to another ring in a direction that the total distance that can be moved, the bearing ball can be effectively based on the direction of its movement can be effectively divided into axial clearance and radial travel Gap.

Bearing ball in the installation process of its internal clearance and installation to reach its operating temperature when the bearing within the gap to distinguish the equipment, the original internal clearance is usually greater than the running clearance, when used in the main Is due to the difference with the degree of coordination involved in the installation and cooperation, the difference between the thermal expansion of the inner and outer rings of the bearing and related components makes the inner ring and the outer ring expand or contract.

Bearing ball rolling bearing operation in the size of the internal clearance in the use of their fatigue life, vibration and noise, temperature and other bearing performance is very large, so the choice of bearing internal clearance, to determine the size of the structure Bearing, is an important research project.

Bearing ball in the use of the general in order to get a stable test value, when used in the test will be given the test load bearing, and then test the game, the measured clearance value, a large theoretical clearance that more than one due to give The amount of elastic deformation induced by the test load.

Bearing ball internal clearance of choice

1. The bearing and the shaft and the shell with the resulting changes in clearance.

2 bearing work due to the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings lead to clearance changes.

3. Shaft and shell materials used due to the expansion coefficient of different impact bearing clearance changes