Ball raw material quality standards and dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy requirements

- Nov 25, 2017-

Stainless steel ball in the production process is mainly used forging process, and now used in this stage are stainless steel ball material 201,302,304,316,316 L, 420,440 C, containing more than 12% of chromium, And resistant to chemical substances against the steel.

Stainless steel ball from the raw material into the product processing is completed, the need for multi-channel detection of auxiliary production technology, including: cold mound → ball → → heat treatment → hardening → hard grinding → grinding → research → sorting → lapping.

Ball raw materials quality standards

On the basis of this, our company innovatively produces GCr15SiMn and martensitic stainless steel balls with better abrasion resistance, which is the only enterprise in China that forms a series of products. The products are widely used In the ink manufacturing industry.


Ball dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy standards

Ball diameter of 1.2 ~ 12.7mm, the ball diameter variation ≤ 25μm; batch diameter variation ≤ 50μm; spherical error ≤ 25μm; nominal value of ± 150μm (according to user requirements).

Steel ball crushing load standards

Its standard is to ensure that the ball is not broken an important criterion

Ball heat treatment quality standards

Standard is to ensure that steel ball with high wear resistance, high hardness of the important foundation

Steel ball quenching treatment

Preheating the steel ball before quenching and heating, its main purpose is to shorten the quenching time, to a certain extent, reduce its deformation cracking, while using can also reduce the tendency of overheating and decarbonization, the process uses salt Bath furnace preheating, the temperature is about 600 ℃, preheating 8-10 minutes, if the box-type electric furnace preheating, the temperature is about 530-550 ℃ longer.

Each factory to determine the heating time is not exactly the same, the general heating time after preheating 10-15s / mm, box-type electric furnace 35-50s / mm. Without preheating salt stove 30-35s / mm, box-type electric furnace 90-100s / mm. In this case GCr15 bearing ball after preheating salt furnace quenching heating time to consider loading furnace take 8 minutes.