Ball in the production process to determine the size and microstructure changes

- Nov 23, 2017-

The hardness of the steel ball is mainly determined by the ball made of different materials, under normal circumstances the ball will have a bearing steel ball, stainless steel ball, carbon steel ball and carbide ball, the hardness of the ball directly by Heat treatment process, that is, the impact of tempering and quenching in the heat treatment process, the bearing steel ball after quenching and tempering, the internal microstructure changes, resulting in hardness has also changed.

Due to the role of heat treatment, bearing steel ball hardness can reach HRC55-HRC62. The hardness of stainless steel balls that can not be heat-treated is HRC28-HRC35. Different hardness of the ball, the scope of application is not the same, when buying the ball can choose according to their own environment using different materials of steel ball.


Steel ball in the use of its moderate hardness, impact resistance, toughness, the use of repeated several times in a row can be used, the entire product long life and good rebound, the product's strong adhesion, in the process of cleaning Its fast speed and low consumption of sand, not broken, the brightness of the workpiece clean, technical effect is good, by the product of metal surface cleanliness up to international standards.

Steel ball surface roughness of 25--100um, thereby increasing the contact surface of the metal surface, and improve the adhesion of the surface coating on the metal surface refinement of the metal structure, with significant economic benefits, is the most advanced at home and abroad , The best cleaning blasting, rust and enhanced high-quality materials.

The main performance of the ball

1. Ball: GB6485 ---- 86

2. Chemical composition: 0.70 to 1.20% carbon (C): 0.35 to 1.20% Si: 0.40 to 1.20% Sulfur: ≦ 0.05% Phosphorus (P): ≦ 0.05%

3. Hardness: 42 ~ 50HRC (399 ~ 509HV) Density: 7.45g / cm2

4. Metallography: tempered martensite + dispersed carbide distribution

5. Hardness: 45-65HRC Density: 7.58g / cm3

Ball in the production process to determine the size

Ball size in the production process of its ball size on the impact of grinding is very important, therefore, for a long time beneficiation and crushing workers are studying how to accurately determine the size of the ball.

In the process of grinding ball, the size and proportion of steel ball, ball mill production and work efficiency of a great influence. Practice has proved that sometimes due to the proper choice of the ball mill can make the mill productivity and productivity increased by 20% or more.