Ball bearing balls use and related characteristics

- Feb 09, 2018-

When it comes to ball bearing ball, in fact, it is a kind of rolling bearing, ball ball will be installed in the middle of the inner ring and the outer ring, in terms of this point, to a large extent, it will withstand relatively large Load. Speaking of ball bearing ball use, in fact, it is to determine the relative position of the two parts (usually the shaft and bearing) and to ensure its free rotation, at the same time, that is, to pass the load between them.


At high speeds (for example in gyroscopic ball bearings), this use of ball bearing balls is to a large extent expandable to include freewheeling with virtually no wear on the bearings. In order to achieve this state, it is also important to note that it is necessary to separate the two parts on the bearing with a layer of adherent fluid film called an elastic hydrodynamic lubricating film.


For ball bearing balls, it is actually used for different types of machines and equipment with rotating parts. Designers often have to decide, in particular applications should pay attention to the use of ball bearings or fluid film bearings. The following characteristics of a ball bearing ball make it even more desirable when used.


The first point to be said, the ball bearing ball for starting friction and work friction appropriate; the second point, that is, can withstand radial and axial joint load; insensitive to lubrication interruptions; and for The device does not exhibit self-excitation instability when it is in use; it is also easy to start up at low temperatures.


Finally, when it comes to ball bearing ball characteristics, the first point to speak of, its finite fatigue life changes relatively large; the radial space required is relatively large; Moreover, we actually have to pay attention to the ball bearing ball When used, its own damping capacity is low, the noise level is relatively high, its own cost will be relatively more economical.